58. Cute Blog Award

Tadah: Our first award!

Thank you very much Ashesela from http://artevolve.blogspot.com/.

For this award you:

1. Link back to the person who awarded you
2. Answer the award questions
3. Tell something about yourself that you haven't told anyone on your blog yet
4. Award as many blogs as you think are worthy of this award
5. Make sure to let those you gave this award to know that you awarded them.

1. What is your go to makeup product?

D: If I have to name only one product I must say I couldn't live without my red neutralizer.
P: If my eyebrows are tinted then mineral make-up powder.

2. What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011?

D: I truly don't follow the trends, but lately I have seen much of 50's inspired clothing, which I adore.
P: Tight pants + larger loose shirt/tunic to hide my little belly. :D

3. What is your favorite dessert?

D: Depends on the season. :D At summer ice cream is the number one, but in winter different kinds of cakes. This winter's choice is carrot cake.
P: Give me chocolate mousse cake anytime. Or the special ice-creams of our local sushi restaurant (blue curacao, green tea & cherry-vanilla), mmmmmmmm!

4. Favourite color?

D: Black is the most comfortable color for me, but at the moment I would deem purple my favourite.
P: Purple, there are so many gorgeous shades.

5. What is your middle name?

D: I got two, but my third is Emilia.
P: Eriikka (not Eerika, Eriika or Erica).

6. What was the last song that you listened to?

D: Northern Kings - I just died in your arms tonight.
P: Maroon 5 - This love (from the radio).

7. Cats or dogs?


P: Nnngh, I'll have to go with dogs. Little dogs preferably, bigger will just drag me around the way they want.

Something about myself that you don't know:

D: I know the poems from Lord of the Rings by heart. Even those written in elvish. Pronunciation is way off but still. :D
P: I have way too much stuff: jewelry, clothes, bags, shoes, cosmetics, random items... but can't give them up!

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